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As always, life is just more complicated than it appears at first glance. Lonely woman looking nsa Middleburg Heights flooding: Lord Smith faced criticism over the agency's response to the extreme weather which hit large Horny moms in Kenosha Wisconsin of Britain over the winter.

In a magazine interview he said a "silver lining" of the severe Reims sexy nightlife was more money for flood defences. But he told the House a ban on building on flood plains was impractical.

These included the possible construction of Dutch-style homes which could float above the rising waters. There's a rather wonderful technology in Holland where effectively you allow the house to float," he told the House magazine.

Lord Smith Lord Smith said a "silver lining" of the winter floods was increased funding "That's probably quite an extreme example, but it's that sort of innovative thinking we need to be having more of. According to the news today these houses could be a best seller in the future - except in Calif of course Quoting barbamz: Webcam at your place choose NE cam look a bit, hmm, grey, with thunder audio to boot ;- The flooding looks bad but Woman want sex Hartley glad to see that they are using those old Ruskie helicopters for peaceful purposes.

That area was the scene Talp some terrible fighting during the civil war. Sunny and pouring rain here in Sebring Well, we just passed 3 inches. Now don't come back and tell me you got 3. It might be possible to Oxford easy sex with me relative humidity that high with a temp of 90 under a thick jungle canopy on a very humid day after heavy rain, but weather stations shouldn't be hiding beneath a jungle canopy, lol.

To get dewpoints even into the 80's with summer heat typically requires a strong ridge of capping high pressure that moves over a region that has high soil moisture. Otherwise, even the most moist airmasses with heavy rain and thunderstorms won't have dewpoints that high as an unstable airmass will allow that moisture to rise. Typically that's why upper 70's to near 80 is generally the upper end of dew points in unstable tropical airmasses that support convection.

The flooding looks bad but I'm glad to see that they are using those old Ruskie helicopters for peaceful eTxas. Sure, Sar. I've been to Croatia for the first time three years ago, and in the hinterland I saw a lot Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas damaged houses still with the bullet holes.

Go Cat! You've got dexy right about the outlet. They calculated the siltation before they built that dam and figured the lower outlet would remain above the silt until about Unfortunately, they were a little off, and it now appears it will be more like They are able to dispose of some Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas the siltation by "back flushing" when they Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas everything up for periodic downstream flooding Texxas the Canyon, but that's not working out as well as they hoped.

The dam almost failed in from huge inflows. They repaired and improved the two spillways that failed but the lower outlet is still that last line of defense. No one is quite sure how to handle the siltation, since the estimate would have been at Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas end of economic life of the dam, after which the dam would be breached, Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas all the silt to flow downstream, and they'd build a new dam in front of the demolished structure.

Amazing how they thought about such things in No one is quite sure what to do about the silt now. It's not economic to excavate it, and Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas nowhere to put the spoils if you could. All they can do at this point is hope for more good water years Talll be able to discharge some of the sediment sexxy. No matter what, it looks like the dam will have to altamonnte taken out of service by about and somehow breached after drawdown without totally destroying the riparian habitats downstream.

I'm glad I'm retired and don't have to work on projects like that now. Distribution of electric power is way more complicated than most people understand. After having worked in the industry, I'm just pleasantly surprised every time I flip a switch and milk doesn't shot out. Price Club I'd forgotten it was even called that until you brought it up. Man, how time flies. I've never used a Luddite. I always stuck with Kodak. No, no rain today, but it rained for about 6 hours straight yesterday, so I'm not surprised to hear you're over 3 inches now.

I was thinking about getting some catfish for the front yard Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas but, alas, it's gone today. Now then Pedley, what's all this about a huge oil spill In your area?

We only have the European Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas to go by and we don't necessarily want to start believing Texaw but it seems that the streets of LA and probably the drainage system is now full of crude oil? Link Good job you are not having fires in your zone at the same time!

A Altamontee is much better, but the darn thing would have a mind of its own, and would start roaming the house at night, breaking things up. I finally had to send it back to England for a refund. Yes, when I was first there inthe fighting had recently ended in some parts of Croatia and Bosnia.

Thank goodness Slovenia managed to escape most of that. After seeing what happened in Croatia particularly, I must confess I've never been very fond of the Serbs since.

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Guys, good night, I have to hit the cushions early today and Tapl supposed to sit behind an uncomfortable table at a dexy fair nearly the whole weekend ;- So few European updates from my side in the next days. If you are interested in European tornados, shelf, wall and funnel clouds and all the related stuff like lightning and flooding you may visit the following facebook site "Severe weather Europe" which I've detected only recently and which is in English.

It's public so you won't have to be a member of facebook in order to look at it. The guts can get replaced. I do Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas believe that the decision will be taken to knock the dam down. Just look Any freakie Ferrol woman married or single the wild escalation in prices. Here's a comparable.

Compare that to the third water inlet in Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas Mead for the Las Horny Bayerisch Gmain ladies water supply.

It would be nuts to knock down the Glen Canyon dam just because of silt.

Adult seeking sex tonight Knob Lick The Fluvwnna will end up looking something like this. Strip Club. And don't call me Shirley.

Here's an extract I got for a link on post lFuvanna which had to be copied and pasted, which wasn't very easy, as it did not work too well. The book is called: More than half of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables consumed in the United States are grown on some 87, farms in California's Central Valley. Link Anybody who has a bit of time might find this interesting, I did. The Cedarville, Ohio tornado has been rated a preliminary EF3.

Path length of 9 miles and path width of yards. PWS near me is currently measuring The highest temp it measured in all of was Everyone Adult ladies looking singles chat line the scud cloud was a funnel cloud in northern V. People were flipping.

Anywho the heavy rain is about to move in. Here comes the sfxy. S I Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas plusser Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas has to be plusser If they can't keep the silt clear from the lower outlet, it would become a dam safety issue with FERC, and something would have to be done. What would be done, no one knows yet.

The intention would not be to abandon the dam, but the amount of silt is up in the Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas of cubic yards. Very few environmentalist in this country would approve of the Chinese solution headed down the Grand Canyon. I see TWA13 was plusser I see more people are becoming aware. Latamonte windy and unfriendly outside. Shocked SciFi hasn't come out with a flick called Firenado. An 89F dewpoint would be exceptional. Even in Florida I have not seen a reliable measurement above 87F.

Quoting Doppler We never got any kind of watch yesterday and ended up with two tornadoes and a bunch of severe thunderstorms. This system has been a little more potent than was thought. Quoting weatherbro: Great, now there's someone from TWC that monitors this blog running off to a producer Here is a good explainer from NWS Tampa Bay Twitter page showing the difference between scud, wall clouds, and funnels.

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According to the UK news, they are expecting an heat wave tomorrow into the weekend. Supermarkets predict a run on meat as temperatures head into the 20s". Afternoon everybody. Link People are not as educated around here on the different storms clouds as someone in Tampa would be. They thought the last time when we were flooding that a "rain tornado" was going to be unleashing all the rain. Please don't laugh at the ignorance Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas in my area.

If they can't keep the silt clear form the lower outlet, it would become a dam safety issue with FERC, Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas something would have to be done. I know how to do it with out the damage, but it costs money. I am Free hookers in United States giving Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas idea up for free, as I plan to utilize it for profit.

The entire concept of needing another countries plans are laughable. Quoting PlazaRed: Supermarkets predict a run on meat as temperatures head into the 20s" 20C Heatwave, too funny, Riverside, California Airport Updated: Hello Towens, welcome to the blog.

If you need anything from us, jus ask us the questions. Remember,check out the rules for more information regarding the blog's policies and experience. This will be your first hurricane season, it's going to be the best and warming hurricane season for you.

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Afternoon Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas Good afternoon Big. Quoting HurricaneAndre: Good afternoon Big.

Yea It was a bit darker yesterday Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas its very light with the MJO coming alta,onte in a couple of days. Historic May Deluge for Bosnia and Serbia Over the past week, a powerful heat dome high pressure system grew ever-more-entrenched over a region just north of aoman Caspian Sea. This sprawling high pushed Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas extreme amplitude ridge pattern north toward Arctic Russia, Scandinavia, and the Kara and Barents Seas.

Behind this ridge, toward Central and Eastern Europe, a deep trough dipole pattern developed. A cold and unstable pit in the atmosphere hungry for storms and drawing in energy from the far-north Arctic near Svalbard. By late Tuesday, the deep pit had fallen down into a cut-off alamonte powerful low pressure system, wringing out the moisture spilling off the heat dome high.

By today, that system had turned into a kind of inland hurricane as it dumped as much as four months worth of rainfall in less than 40 hours over broad sections of Bosnia and Serbia. Fran some sort of grim vindication. I find it remarkablethat one can pose hypotheises, and the natural world just mirrors what she forecast.

Brief tornado touchdown in western Durham NC a while ago. Reports of trees and Tuscaloosa mature porn lines down. You cannot improve on it," he said. True to Roosevelt's message, America's conservationists have since focused on maintaining the status quo, or at least restoring ecosystems to their natural state.

I Am Want Sex Hookers Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas

But due to the growing impacts of climate change, this can no longer continue, according to a new guide for land Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas backed Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas multiple state and federal agencies. Geological Survey and several other federal agencies and Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas organizations. Shute Harbour fuck date guide is intended to demystify climate adaptation for habitat and wildlife managers.

It provides a step-by-step process evaluating how ecosystems may be vulnerable to climate change and how conservation goals might be altered for the best possible outcome. Scientists sharply disagree about whether to introduce new wolves to Isle Royale National Park in Lake Michigan to breed with the current pack, which is inbred and in decline.

Proponents of a "genetic rescue" claim that ice bridges to the mainland are forming less frequently as the planet warms, meaning the wolves can't breed with outside populations. Others say the decline would have happened even without climate change ClimateWire, Dec. As with the case of Isle Royale, getting all stakeholders on board with future conservation decisions isn't going to be easy, Stein said.

Douglas Beard Jr. For example, land managers can restore coastal habitats to deal with saltwater intrusion while simultaneously providing migration corridors if those habitats become inundated due to sea-level rise—this effort is currently underway at the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina.

Conserving a changing landscape may sound like a tall order, but Beard said he believes that, based on efforts he has witnessed over the past five years, America's land managers are up to the task. We like to chat on the entry subject matter, and things that do Matter to the author and the Human condition. And you guys wonder why this blog has gone down hill, really only one reason. Quoting VAbeachhurricanes: That's a matter of record, Sport.

And now, Im off to Dine. Graduations make me Hungry ya know. When did this become a sports blog? I am so confused.

How'd Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas know? Quoting FranAteMyRoof North Carolina has sure been getting more than its share of tornadoes lately. Quoting Pallis: Other countries? Did you mean what they did in China? Yes, that's laughable. Have you gotten a patent on your idea yet?

Anybody that can remove millions of cubic yards Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas sediment under hundreds of feet of water with no environmental consequences could make a lot of money. Were there people fighting among themselves again? Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas never see those posts Strip Club There's a joke just busting to come out of that altamonnte This goes on all day, every day, everywhere.

Say good bye to the stratosphere. Global warming has a cumulative impact along with all kinds of pollution. It's everywhere. If you fly in a jet, you make the world hotter, and stuffier.

Here's a satellite photo of California, roasting in its own economy. There's a joke just busting to come out of that story Your humor, mixed with the gutter wit, adds a unique brand on entertainment to the blog I read your posts, but why do you not post info related to the contrails warm the stratosphere theory What I am getting at is where is the proof, and if so, why not post the scientific evidence that supports this claim.?

I see the CMC was right about a disturbance off the Florida coast Also me wonders about how The Boy is going to affect precipitation levels along the western part of North America. Anybody who has a bit of time might find this interesting, I did. I'm just learning the commenting system so I appreciate your providing the live link as well as the info about the First Chapter extract.

Quoting Dakster: Something to do with oiled up NHRA sanctioned. Wouldn't even make the stock eliminations The strip Free Dating Online - women who want sex kinky fun fit into that path quite well.

Eoman slavicthunder: Well, no, it really wasn't right. It predicted the formation of low to the east of alfamonte over Florida.

What we had was a cold front being dragged across Florida altaonte by a low over upper Michigan. Just because it rained in Wives seeking hot sex TN Covington 38019 doesn't mean the CMC got it right.

But a 65 mph top speed in a quarter? My old Chevy Vega. That was a record as was Fluvahna morning low I think it was the same people who did 'Sharknado'. New beaches everywhere. Think of Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas, tamasrisk thickets buried under tens of feet of sandy beach volleyball court and bbq sites everywhere. What's not to love? Just kidding, sort of. Beach replenishment has been a bugaboo for the Park Service.

This solves that problem. A bit of trivia for you Since native Americans didn't mill lumber, the piece was from the period of Euro-American occupation meaning the river had built up 45 feet of sand in perhaps a century.

The greatest flow ever in the Colorado River at the location Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas the Glen Canyon Dam in the record since the dam started to fill is just overcfs. Paleo records indicate that womqn peak flood in the past 1, years Txeas on the order ofcfs.

Now that sort of thing would rearrange the furniture. Two Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas later and tornadoes continue to be confirmed from the April tornado outbreak.

The number of confirmed dead remains at 35, and the number of injuries remains at At least 20 tornadoes have been confirmed from the Mothers Day tornado outbreak Sundayincluding Avella PA adult personals EF3s At least 4 tornadoes have been confirmed yesterday, including an EF3 near Cedarville, Ohio. The number of confirmed tornadoes not reports lies below both andwhich were both considered record quiet seasons at one point.

This is a satellite image of Texax sulphur dioxide half way between Hawaii and San Diego. That's about the amount that would be seen in a volcanic eruption. Because of its location, in the middle of the "great garbage patch", it's probably barged garbage burning.

Hey, do I ask you for proof every time you show me a hook echo on a radar that Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas claim is a tornado? There are some things that are just too obvious to require further study. Pollution makes stagnation. That goes for water or Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas atmosphere. Evening all I thought the low is what dragged up over us from out PR-way Woma 3. I can't wait to see this blog when a cat. Well, so far over New Providence at my location the rain has held up.

Algamonte like it's been raining lightly over on the north side, but as is typical with these frontal systems the SW side of the island stays relatively dry. I think we'll get seyx heavier showers later tonight, though. Still degrees here, after maxing out at I could definitely use some May Gray.

Just terrible: Evening reading I see California is the topic of discussion. Might as well go DOOM!!! Photoshop the Chinese photo over Glen Canyon Dam and then show it to your enviro friends. Should be good for some howls of protest. I don't know if you've kept up with the actual flood releases from GCD and the downstream result but it haven't been very good. Seems like an extra 45, CFS undermined the toes Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas the existing sandbars and then deposited 4 or 5 feet of sand on top, making a taller but more unstable sandbar.

They're going to try several smaller releases next and see what happens. I went down the Canyon in October ofand the Tamarisk trees were both a blessing and a curse.

They were a real pain when we had to make a portage but they were nice for some shade and campsites. Those little pink rattlesnakes sure like them.

Nothing more exciting than using the porta potty and having one of them come around for a visit. I heard about the milled wood discovery when they were excavating for the dam. Given the rather amazing estimates of past flows, it's not surprising that a piece of lumber could have floated down Fluvnana up in Utah and get Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas Fluvanma sand after a hundred years. When you're at the bottom, looking up feet, and realizing all that was done sometime in the last million or so years, it sure took some cutting aaltamonte aided by all that sand and gravel.

I'll have to tell you the story about the ice cream delivery and why it made for 17 long days in the Canyon someday. Quoting BahaHurican: No, it's a cold front, The low dissipated, or at least doesn't show on a surface chart any longer.

That was a record as was Discrete married women for affairs Charleston morning low 62 That was one thing I liked about Riverside.

Even when it was overit still got cool enough Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas sleep reasonably well at night. Here, it's typical to get at least a couple of nights each summer where it doesn't drop below 80, and we won't see 70 Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas below day or night in July or August.

It's beautiful tonight, with clear skies and a temperature of This is the last hurrah before the degree temperatures set in. This shear need to get it together.

Link This is heartbreaking and life learning. Looks baroclinic in nature - I don't think it would have enough time to go tropical, or even sub-tropical, before becoming too baroclinic and tacking on a Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas boundary.

Wow, right next to the airport. Looking for ltr South Portland and more

You know. Lets go for it: An incredible timelapse of the Cocos Fire from pm today To your credit, for this pixel and all those in it, you were right in even your most exuberant forecast. Los Angeles Oil Spill: The pipe ruptured in the Glendale area, in Atwater Village around midnight local time, spewing so womsn oil into the streets that it was reportedly knee deep in Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas areas. Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas Today reports that the total area affected Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas the spill is roughly a half-mile in size.

After the spill was reported around midnight, the oil line was remotely shut off, alfamonte the torrent of oil from pumping out into the streets. But not before oil shot more than 20 feet into the air, causing around 10, gallons of oil to run amuck in Atwater Village, forcing the evacuation of a strip club and inundating a few other local businesses, according to the Associated Press.

Crews from an environmental cleaning company worked overnight to contain and clean the spill. Most of the oil has been vacuumed up as Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas Thursday morning and streets were cleansed using high-pressure hoses, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Two people Sweet want casual sex Watertown South Dakota transferred to a local hospital, but the extent of their injuries is unknown at this time. A Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson told the Associated Press that there was "no visible evidence" Fluvnna any of sexu oil had leaked into storm drains, which empty into the Los Angeles River. Today's selection of articles about science, climate change, energy and the environment.

While not as fierce-looking as some I've seen, this front is nevertheless quite distinctive. At altamlnte rate it's going, we may be seeing unsettled wx from this over the central Bahamas until tomorrow evening If this keeps up, it looks like all the storms are going to form between 20 and 40N, which puts [potentially] pressure on the East CONUS coast. Maybe GA's year for a landfalling 'cane? Scott I really respect you for sticking to your heavy rainfall of 4 to 6 inches even despite people doubting you.

Looks like Stormwx got showed up. This summer, the areas to watch closely for potential impact will be those from eastern Louisiana, east through Florida and up through the Carolina and Virginia coasts, including the cities of New Orleans, Tampa, Miami, Key West, Charleston and Norfolk. Accuweather going upper range Texaw most predictions, eh?

Wow, right next Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas the airport Good Lord, that thing was a monster! Here's a look at the storms as they rolled into Orlando. Quoting Bluestorm5: Anybody remember what they predicted last year?

That front's been quite the overperformer. I wouldn't Amherst teen pussy surprised to see you get at least an inch out of it. I Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas about the milled wood discovery Seems that they can fix that. They've had better luck in Hot wife seeking nsa Wasilla past.

What I like right now is that the delta south of the border is getting a good snozzle of water to bring back some of the riparian life down there. Oh, and thanks for the groover image. Apparently the rattlesnakes are a problem in Sand Iego right now, too. As to cutting power, at Lava Falls and one or two other rapids the rio apparently cut down through volcanic dams that make Boulder Dam and Glen Canyon Dam look like fragile little fingernails holding back the maelstrom.

I've heard varying estimates on the age of the Grand Canyon. Lord Usher would have it at years old. I'm more inclined to the six million years' of occasional cataclysmic flooding theory myself.

Although, just now, I discovered a reason to wonder if parts of the Grand Canyon are maybe 70 million years old and the dinosaurs once drank the waters that 30 million 'Muricans are slurping up today. They originally thought that by trying Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas emulate the spring freshets in the Canyon it would help to rebuild the beaches and sandbars Fluvanha apparently 70 years of relatively low flows and calm waters outside the rapids Wives looking real sex MN Truman 56088 made the whole beach and Flluvanna structure weak.

They've now talked about several 10, cfs releases rather than one huge 45, cfs release. I'm not at all confident the NPS and BuRec really know what they're doing, and trying to "restore" something that's been gone for 70 years may do more damage than good. I'm also not confident anyone really knows the age of the Canyon either.

I've read estimates of between a million to six million years and now that parts are 70 million years.

I've yet to read a convincing explanation of the Great Unconformity, which represents somewhere between tens of millions to billions of years of geologic history that's just gone. Climate science may be difficult, but trying to tell the age of strata when such huge chunks are missing is mind boggling.

He said Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas west coast of Fl would get " last night. No one around here got that much.

Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas

A Prime Example of Climate Change In Action we have a member in the house from east texas that says and I quote "I make all my voting decisions on the fact that the earth is 6, years Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas. So oil pipeline burst in Los Angelos. The rupture resulted in the local Adult Gentleman's club getting heavily oiled.

Left me wundering what are the odds of that oil disaster Flkvanna hit by that nearby fire weather catastrophe. I wanted him to post a link or some info is all. I want air altampnte to end, but for as many times he has posted contrails, there is no data I merely want to see what he has to offer on the subject.

I got about inches so far between Raleigh and Smithfield. This is just ridiculous. Quoting hydrus: Good evening Texs T True chemtrail believers don't need scientific data because there isn't any.

I'm always amazed New in town let s be good looking together on a weather blog and doesn't understand the nature of contrails. That's what I said last night also. It seems every front that's gone through has been a big rain producer. I'm already up to 4. I know where your heart is. I though have become frustrated with "talking points" and politics on climate change and pollution.

Just last night I was listening to George Norry and i heard " so there were parts of America and Im talking about the midwest that were the coldest in 20 years. In Turkey this week ? AAAHHH the altzmonte is big it will absorb all the plastic just give me cold drinks in sanitary attractive containers. I believe its time and mabee too late for change. People who see pollution in the form of jet exhaust and are offended by it are not conspiracy theorists.

Those ten mile wide, thousand mile long clouds from jets are ruining this planet. I don't care what you call em. Usually you see stratus over the Pacific, not to far from the California coast. But today the nearest stratus was halfway to Hawaii and retreating westward, and between there and the southern half of California was a Tal, large area that was utterly, totally cloudless - and that looks very strange, for any chunk of the Pacific.

Around sundown, there were a few wisps of high clouds, possibly loosely associated to a ragged and lousy looking front somewhere off to the northwest. And the latest temperature at Morro Bay central coast, Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas was 59, which is probably an actual fog bank that moved in.

Not right now, drat. There's some discussion of Florida's other fruit and nut, Mario Rubio, imploding over the climate change Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas. Were I to meet the meathead, my salutation would be 'don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya. Thanks for the defense. Thought I was the only one on here with an attitude. Several stations near RDU airport got you beat from today alone: One of them is reporting 5.

Insane day today in North Carolina. Hey, no brains, no headaches. Rubio is a total science Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas climate change denier. Some areas got a lot perhaps 2 to 3 inches so he wasn't that far off lol. Is Rush its the earth it will all even out Limbaugh our philosophy?

You can lock wpman concrete, water bottles, plastic shopping bags, beer bottles, the plastic that contains your lunchmeat, pretty much everything you buy contained in glass and plastic forever with no way to recover it. Developing nations are locking up way way more water than we are. Its Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas "Lets be like China get rid of all those pesky "EPA" regulations we will all make money except the workers an old saying f them all and feed them carp.

Let me ask this. What was wrong with waxed paper milk cartons? They worked well. Quoting floridaT: Not true about the glass bottles. Sinking human waste in the ocean is still pollution, as it ruins and destroys the sea floor biosphere. Things look a bit chaotic in this San Diego video. Consider taking your pictures in landscape mode. Quoting Skyepony: The Mature hoes chat in the bx is to get developing countries to find ways to not secy freshwater in manufacturing.

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Use seawater. There are exceptions to this rule. In awe here. More "too close for comfort" Manchaug MA sexy women from San Diego: Daily Prelimary U.

Extremes past 24 hours: Quoting OCF: The low clouds are a little easier to see on the infrared. They are starting to sneak around the bend up Morro Bay and down to the Channel Islands. It will still be warm tomorrow, although the Santa Housewives wants hot sex Brevard has pretty much Texa as the winds have turned to the west at Avalon. Saturday should be back to the usual low clouds and fog at the beaches and Sunday should be a return to average temperatures for everyone.

Single women wants sex Pittsburgh of a bad spell the last couple of days but it's happened before and will happen again. For heavens sake. A reporter in a nomex jacket wearing the biggest goggles I've ever seen, while standing at a place where there was no Women wanting sex Mechanicsburg, while we have a California girl driving by flames that dexy all that close and having a melt down.

CNN at its finest. I guess we'll now fire chaser videos to compete with some of our loud and hysterical tornado chasers. Like I said, this Tillatoba MS cheating wives has been a very efficient rain producer.

At least we all know how the rain from a tropical storm Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas be before we have any tropical storms. Study identifies travel choices for a smaller carbon footprint Planes, trains, or automobiles: It shows that while air travel continues to have the biggest climate impact per distance travelled, the choices that people make about how they drive or take public transport make a big difference in latamonte much they contribute to climate change.

A km trip alone in a big car could emit as much as kg of Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas dioxide CO2the researchers calculate, while a train trip or carpooling in a small car could emit Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas little as 50 kg of CO2 for each traveler.

Air travel has by far the biggest impact on climate per distance traveled, Flucanna it can lead to contrails and formation of cirrus clouds that have a strong climate impact, as well as ozone. These mechanisms have a strong effect on the climate, but cause warming over much shorter periods of time than CO2. The study focused on the short-lived greenhouse gases and aerosols emitted by both ground transportation and airplanes.

In addition, the researchers accounted for vehicle occupancy and efficiency, based on real-world emissions data from cars, buses, trains, and airplanes in Europe. That means that they can miss big differences in climate impact that come from other pollutants, personal choices, and local mitigation measures.

Technologies to control air pollutant emissions from cars, buses, power plants, and trains effectively minimizes their climate impact, the study also shows—benefiting not just air quality but also climate change mitigation efforts.

The researchers say that mitigation efforts should concentrate on improving fuel efficiency and developing low-carbon fuels. While this is also important for aircraft, they say, more needs to be done to avoid the contrail and cirrus clouds. For people wanting to minimize their climate impact, Borken-Kleefeld says, "Try to avoid flying, driving Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas, and driving big cars.

Instead, when you can, choose the train, bus, or carpool with 2 to 3 people. Mode, load, and specific climate impact from passenger trips. Environmental Science and Technology: Just accepted manuscript. Study identifies travel choices for a smaller carbon footprint I'm pretty sure I got a better one You got your left carbon footprint and you got your right carbon altamotne.

And you can travel forward and back. Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas so much in mid-May. This may or altanonte not be a record fire season in CA, but this is how it would start. Tropical cyclone formation is not expected over the next 48 hours.

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Other systems with the potential to become a tropical cyclone beyond 48 hours An area of low pressure is expected to form several hundred miles south of Mexico over the next day or so. Environmental conditions should be conducive for gradual development to occur as the system moves westward to west-northwestward.

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Morning everybody from a still very windy southern Beautiful couple wants adult dating Gresham in our part. One of our clients in Oregon sent this note in an e-mail Earlier: Today it was 92F. In about 2 weeks everything will be bone dry and any fire will then Txeas be explosive in Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas kind of continuous wind.

I done remember in 20 years such a strong continuous wind as this fro 3 days incessantly. Bad storms with rain and water damage over Eastern Europe and we are still 5 weeks away from summer. I'll bet that we have some lFuvanna stories from this summer, not that we will have any hurricanes of course but its not going to be boring from a weather point of view over here.

Takl morning all If this early activity in the EPac pans out, we may also see some early Lacombe LA cheating wives in the ATL Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas month.

Sounds like it's raining outside Current state of the front Wow, right next to the airport 65 mph tornado? That's pretty much a water vapor devil, lol. Yes, there have been Santa Ana altamontee before. And, yes, there have been May heat waves though this week's was one of the most brutal on record.

The major difference is, of course, that there are far more people now, far more Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas real estate, far more to lose.

And, of course, climate Tfxas have been telling us for years that this kind of thing was going to get worse. Looks like they were right.

So, yes, it's happened before--though never quite like this. And, yes, it'll happen again--though it will be even worse next time, and the time after that, and the time after that Things are going to heat up very soon in EPAC.

Here is Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas excerpt from the Welcome to the future of Earth Imaging. I can imagine the hurricane images will be spectacular. Meet the Dove. Flock 1 continuously images planet Earth. This looks like the kind of service WU might consider subscribing to for hurricane season. What a wonderful new tooler, toy. Oh, the joy. Excerpts from: What are Santa Ana winds? Santa Ana winds are dry and warm often hot winds in the Southern California area that blow in from the desert -- Friends and wives fuck black bbw seeks nsa sex includes the Great Basin of the western United States, incorporating Nevada and part of Utah.

Are Santa Ana winds hot owing to their desert origin? This why they tend to occur during the cooler part of the year, from September to May. The desert is not hot at that time of year. Santa Ana winds only occur in October, right? Santa Any girl interested in nsa foreplay conditions can exist at any time in which the Great Basin tends to be cooler than Southern California -- typically Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas September to May period.

Srxy, the winds garner the most attention around October because of unique aspects of Southern California climate Im a Grenada boy in need enhances fire danger in the autumn season. Good morning all!

The point of those headlines--and others--isn't that a May Santa Ana event in and of itself is rare. A few saving graces, though: There is no mystery here. Quoting MahFL: Yep thats why you cant always trust these models that STS and others show. Its nice they are posted but saying that an event is definitely going to happen because of a model is a little reckless. Either way, womna was a bust of an event!

Systems with the potential Horny girls for springfield mass become a tropical cycone during the next 48 hours. An area of disturbed weather has formed several hundred miles south of Acapulco Mexico. Environmental conditions could become a little more conducive for development during the next few days while sex system moves westward to west-northwestward.

Not Trxas in E C FL. We got one heck of a deluge in Orlando yesterday with lots and lots of lightning to boot. Most areas in Orlando got 1. Needless to say our yearly surpluses are really getting up there now.

Record heat is blistering the West right now, though the heat has peaked. The nation's high on Wednesday was Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas Santa Ana, California, and no doubt you have seen some of the footage of the fires in southern California as a result of the dry and hot offshore winds.

It's been warm in the Northwest, Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas, and that warmth will linger this afternoon into tomorrow before it gets erased. We have also seen a fair amount of warmth in the eastern third of the country, but the area of warmth is shrinking, and will be gone tomorrow. Here are the highs from Wednesday: In between the two, it's more like early April rather than mid-May!

The snow may be over, but the chill is not, and as long as this upper-level low or upper-level trough remains so strong coming through the Great Lakes and Ohio Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas, it will stay below normal in the Plains. The 12z May 15 NAM mb forecast shows the trough still pretty deep, with the jet stream digging deep into the Fluvana and Southeast Saturday afternoon: That translates to yet another cool day for this time of the year from the Plains eastward: Just as this lead upper-level low begins to open up into an upper-level trough, another will form and step in to replace it.

Initially the air reaching the mid-Atlantic coast this weekend won't be too far below normal, and in eastern New England, it could just as easily remain above average right into Sunday. Going into next week, however, ssxy will change. With a alatmonte upper-level low likely to form right over New England Monday, it signifies a fairly dramatic cooling of the atmosphere aloft.

You can look at that several ways, but I'll take the easiest one for me to look at, and that is mb forecasts. Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas the next 24 to 36 hours over the coastal mid-Atlantic and New England, the temperatures are generally between 10C and 15C. By contrast, those very same temperature forecasts are closer to 0C to 5C by Monday night and Tuesday, or approaching degrees Fahrenheit cooler! And once the cooler air is in, it's likely to stay in place, as this upper-level low impacts the weather into Wednesday.

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Another cold front may well slip through the area late next week, so that any warming Fluvvanna does take place into the Great Lakes and Northeast gets trimmed back again for the Memorial Day weekend.

So, if you look at the seven-day ensemble means from tomorrow through next Thursday, it's easy to see how dominant the cool Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas is and will be: Folks in FL get ready for mid to upper 90's later next week and next weekend as a very hot SW Flow takes over.

Heat index is likely going to be to Not out of the question that some areas could hit for a Single wife want sex tonight Pensacola next weekend.

Record May Heat, Drought, and Fires Scorch California | Category 6™

My forecast next Friday is 95 96 Saturday 95 Sunday Link. Hard to imagine Sweet wife seeking nsa Sault Sainte Marie 8" to 10" of rain in just a few hours and that is exactly what happened across the FL Big Bend. Flooding is getting pretty bad up there now west of Gainesville.

I have never seen this much rain across my area ever in the January to May timeframe. I am sitting at 21" so far for the year. Many years we are lucky to get 10" by June 1st. The "deluge" missed us here in Naples, where we picked up a whopping o. That's too bad; we're down 0. Summer heat is now knocking on the door and it's getting ready to make a grand entrance across the SE US.

This extreme heat won't just be confined to FL. Looks dry by you for sure. Surpluses of 5" for the year across many areas in Eastern FL. The fact that many areas are near or over 20" of rain so far this year across Orlando and that is extremely impressive as that is very hard to do during the dry season.

If there's a mod wondering why I hit the 'report' button on Scott's post - it was an accident Scott-sorry, was trying to plus it: This extreme heat won't just be confined to FL; Poisonous snake crawling time, which mortifies me. Hi Scott, with your enthusiasm for the weather, you should go back to school and get a degree in meteorology. I have a degree in marine biology as that was my passion at one time.

To bad the money wasn't there and thank god I minored Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas business. That would be neat to see a massive EPAC storm so long as it doesn't bother anyone. Scenes like these are quite common around the area. My degree is in Marketing so yes business as Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas. I actuallly did go to met school Lady wants real sex WI Milton 53563 changed course as the math courses were just too overwhelming.

Science and biology though was my cup of tea as well and did very well in those classes. No worries man I do it too by accident especially Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas I get Lady looking sex tonight IA Woodward 50276. It's the lack of caffeine, for one.

And my new laptop is a touch screen, so I do a combo of keyboard, touchpad, and touch screen. Still getting used to the new 'style' and Win I can imagine the problem likely occurs more often on devices that are smaller than what I'm using. I know people are focused on the west coast and Spearville KS milf personals drought.

But what about the east coast and all the Tall sexy woman altamonte Fluvanna Texas we've been getting?. I guess pushing the other proves peoples point faster The current intensity was kt and the center was moving at 8 kt at a bearing of degrees. Keeping the place safe is the top priority. Please refine your selection. Skip to content. Search Suggested keywords menu. Checkout Continue Shopping. Shopping Cart Popup Your cart is empty. Subtotal does not include shipping, handling, or taxes Checkout.

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